Dalian jinzhou heavy machinery group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the gold weight group) was founded in 1956, is a chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, chemical, fertilizer, gas, chemical and other process equipment of large equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises, and to provide modern process package and gasification of coal gasification island, general contracting construction is a key equipment of Chinese technology and equipment research and development and trial production base, is the director unit of China council for the promotion of special equipment safety and energy conservation is the pot RongBiao committee member units, It is the vice chairman unit of China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association, China chemical equipment association, China ASME professional committee and China society of chemical industry. It is also the affiliated unit of liaoning pressure vessel institute and owns the enterprise technology center granted by the liaoning provincial government.
After more than 60 years of development, jinzhong group has accumulated strong technical strength and rich manufacturing experience, and is the birthplace of China's pressure vessel design and manufacturing quality assurance system. It is one of the enterprises with the highest level of domestic pressure vessel manufacturing license and the most varieties of qualification certificate. With national A1 level high pressure vessel, the first Ⅲ A2 level is low, the medium pressure container, containing spherical shell plate made of A3 grade pressure vessel manufacturing license; Has the national A1 class, A2 class, A3 class pressure vessel design license; Has the U and U2 pressure vessel construction authorization certificate and corresponding steel seal issued by the American institute of mechanical engineers, and the R authorization certificate and corresponding steel seal issued by the American boiler and pressure vessel surveyor headquarters; It has ISO 9001 quality system certification from the U.S. bureau of shipping inspection.
Jinzhong group covers an area of 930,000 square meters, with 350,000 square meters of heavy processing workshops. Large deep hole drilling machine have been introduced from Germany, large CNC cutting machine imported from Japan, have a thickness of cold rolled plate bending rolls, length is 280 mm oversize for 50 m very large lathe, CNC vertical lathe, Φ Φ 12500 * 6500 mm to 8000 mm vertical lathe, 5400 t and 8000 t hydraulic press. Large head spinning machine imported from Germany, more than 300 sets of welding and surfacing equipment with multi-function and multi-model; 270KW lee-heater; 30m*7.5m*7.5m large heat treatment furnace; Lifting capacity of 100‐600t large gantry, bridge and other lifting equipment more than 20.
Gold heavy group, inspection, testing and test equipment is complete, advanced, effective and has 6-9 MeV electron linear accelerator, 7.5 MeV electron cyclotron, TOFD detector, ultrasonic detector, magnetic particle testing instrument, ferrite tester, coating thickness gauge, a set of X-ray flaw detection machine, including 400 kv, 200 Curie cobalt 60 and gamma-ray detector, iridium - 192.
With 1000 kn tensile testing machine, 500 j impact testing machine and meet the requirements of the ASME specification low-temperature impact machine, has used in large hydrogenation equipment manufacturing step "cold" test device, with infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, continuous magnified 300000 times scanning electron microscope, portable spectrometer full spectrum quantitative and other complete sets of nondestructive testing equipment and the physical and chemical testing equipment and instruments. It has more than 30 metrological verification qualifications, such as long, heat, power and electricity, etc., authorized by the higher competent department.
Jinzhong group insists on technological progress and new product development, and always leads the domestic industry in the research and development, trial production and application of new technologies, new materials and new processes. In high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance, low temperature, large, alien, thick wall, composite, multi-layer, non-ferrous metals, nickel base materials, zirconium, hartz alloy and other high-end equipment research and development, design and manufacturing has a lot of successful experience, advanced technology, reliable quality, performance significantly, there are many products to replace imports, to fill the domestic blank, won the national gold, silver, high quality products, scientific and technological progress, major technical equipment localization and other awards, the use of new materials and new technology has won the award of the State Council, the formation of the core technology of the gold weight group, greatly enhance the market competitiveness.
Gold group is the earliest application of American ASME, eu EN China, Germany, Japan JIS, AD KC in the Netherlands and other advanced foreign standards for equipment design and manufacturing enterprises, with dozens of famous foreign companies design and manufacture of the more than 1500 sets of equipment, including the American ASME specification design, fabrication, inspection and ASME "U" steel products more than 300 sets, and foreign customers throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
Jinzhong group has the ability to provide complete sets of pressure vessel equipment for large-scale chemical industry, coal chemical industry, oil refining, chemical fertilizer and other process equipment, and has the performance of providing process package for modern coal chemical gasification island and general contracting for gasification island. Main equipment: ammonia synthesis, urea synthesis tower, CO2 stripping tower, high-pressure condenser, high-pressure scrubber, urea/zirconium bimetal tube ammonia stripper, ammonia synthesis tower, ammonia separator, gas/gas heat exchanger, etc. Hydrogenation reactor, reforming reactor, tower, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, paraffin molding machine, rubber extruder, casing crystallizer and other equipment in the refinery plant; Chemical furnace, gasifier, heavy ash forging furnace, sand coal filter, hydrating reactor, coke cooler, converter and other equipment in chemical, coal and salt chemical plants. It can design and manufacture complete sets of plant equipment for 250-700,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia, 4-1.2 million tons/year urea, 1-20 million tons/year oil refining, 8-1 million tons/year ethylene and so on.
Gold weight group manufacturing layer board type high pressure vessel has a history of more than 30 years, in the domestic first 240000 tons/year, 300000 tons/year, 480000 tons/year, 520000 tons/year, 700000 tons/year, 1 million tons/year, 1.2 million tons/year urea plant. The four high voltage equipment, that is, the urea synthetic tower, CO2 stripping tower and high pressure condenser, high pressure washer, is the largest number of enterprises in urea key equipment made in China. In 1986, the high-pressure scrubber was awarded the gold award of national quality management. In 1991, the state council awarded the achievement of the domestication of 520,000 tons of urea plant and the substitution of import. The laminated high pressure vessel can be wrapped in sections or in whole to meet the different needs of customers.
Jinzhong group is located on the coast of the yellow sea, which is closely connected with expressways and railway lines, so its operation is very convenient and smooth.



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